Unique & Nerdy Crochet Stitch Patterns


If you like to tale time out of the week for some DIY adventures- we got an Etsy seller that could help you get started with sweet and nerdy DIY crochet projects!

Maria Imasheva is from Russia, and from there she manages her Etsy store: HappyStitchNet.

If you’re worried about shipping items from Russia- don’t be.
Maria’s beautiful crochet stitch patterns are available for instant download inside her Etsy store– so whenever you make the order- you get the pattern’s instructions.

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If you think that some of Maria’s patterns are unique and somewhat odd for crochet ehnthusiastics, you’re right. Maria is a mathematician as well as a programmer. She loves Sci-fi shows and movies, and video games. Her areas of interest and expertise are the reason why her crochet patterns are so unique.

Your names in binary code - unique custom cross stitch pattern, with variations!

Christmas gifts for NERDS, sci-fi geeks, gamers & programmers

If you love crochet and never thought that something you stitched would be interesting to your gamer son, or sci-fi buff daughter- now you can truly make them the perfect Christmas gift, using some of the geekier patterns in Maria’s store.
Her store is also filled with beautiful phrases and motivational quotes that will make such an inspiring Christmas DIY gift.

Make your own Chibi video game character magnet - cross stitch kit!

With over 270 sales, maintaining a review average of 5 stars- you can rest assure that Maria’s patterns would be the best thing for your next Crochet DIY adventure!

If you’re a true crochet fan I invite you to visit Maria’s Instagram account, where you could find some amazing crochet works, like this one:

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See more from Maria’s crochet patterns in her Etsy store!

Fallout Vault Boy and Girl geeky wedding cross stitch pattern (with variations). Instant download!

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