The Most Colorful Christmas Gifts You’ll Ever See


In the Western world we have it all… We have electricity, hospitals, water, internet, and everything is so fast, so reliable, so much in our reach.
However, with all that we have- we still don’t have enough unique cultural presence in every day lives… And for that we have Etsy!
The online market for handmade goods is a home to a lot of American and Canadian sellers… However, it also gives us access to some unique cultures from accross the globe! With Etsy you could easily buy silk scarves from Vietnam, Jewelry from India- and the beautiful colorful flowers of Thailand!

The place to get these beautiful flower soaps and fridge magnets- in on Bamboo Art Shop on Etsy.

Bamboo Art Shop‘s purpose to bring some homemade goodness into the heart of people, and into their homes. It’s team is spread accross Thailand, from Songkhla in the south, to Chiang Mai in the north. Together, all of this store’s members, are designing and creating 100% handmade natural soaps and accessories made in Thailand.

No machines here, just good old fashioned hand carving- that’s what makes this special art- so unique! The work is done within homes, without factories or huge spaces, truly handmade. Soaps will come with a Jasmine scent, however, you can ask the store to make something different if you have other preferred fragrances.

Blooming Flower Set of 4 Hand Carved Decorative Soaps with Jasmine Aroma Essential Oil, Handmade Flower Soap Carving by Thai Artisan

Their flowers could make a wonderful Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift, or Valentine’s day. However, they also sell bulk packages that could be great for wedding and event planning!

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Exotic Orchid and Flower Set of 2 Hand Carved Decorative Soaps with Jasmine Aroma Essential Oil, Handmade Soap Carving by Thai Artisan.

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