Hand Carved Wooden Accessories & Polyester Fabric Bracelets


There’s a new store in the Etsy-town and you might find something interesting there for this Christmas gift shopping spree!
the store, run by Jun, is currently only shipping domestic (within the USA), so if you live in the US this store could have some nice gift ideas for you!

100% Handmade Door Stopper - Whippet dog door stop

A lot of people think that opening an Etsy store is only possible when you have dozens of listing options, but that’s true. All you need is a couple of winning products, a nifty concept, and a lot of love! GreensAndBlue Etsy store- got just that!
Hand carving and hand painting decorative wooden door stoppers, using Sustainably and ethically sourced wood for their iPhone covers, and using recycled Polyester to make beautiful bracelets.

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I had to pick some pictures of their items to place here and show you,
these are the ones I loved the most:

iPhone Premium Wood Phone Case - Rosewood iPhone Premium Wood Phone Case - Maple Wood 100% Handmade Door Stopper - Doberman 100% Handmade Door Stopper - Whippet

If you want to see more of what they do- visit their Facebook page and leave a LIKE behind you! That’s way you’ll be informed whenever there’s a new design available, or an interesting sale!

See more on their Etsy store!

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