Beautiful & Unique Canvas Art by Fred Henry


Making beautiful art professionally for the past 2 years, meet- Fred Henry.
This Florida based artist has a unique style and he can truly make paint come to life in his art works.
His canvas works are abstract, and always have that feeling of flowing in them… As if we are looking at a closeup of a river that every ripple in it has a different color.
As if we are swimming in an asymmetric ocean of paint.

Fred Henry has opened his Etsy store to sell his abstract art work, and I couldn’t be happier!
Etsy is the perfect platform for people like Fred.
It’s an online marketplace dedicated to people who are looking to sell their handmade goods and crafts, and Fred’s work falls under this criteria.
You can see the love in each and every one of Fred’s paintings:

Nuit Series - Fluid Acrylic Abstract Art by Fred Henry Tianjin Trip Fluid Acrylic Abstract Art by Fred Henry Blue & Gold Fluid Art Painting - Fred Henry Gornergrat Series Painting - Fred Henry

Special ROUND canvas art

Fred Henry doesn’t only make beautiful canvas abstract art, but he also took things to the next level and created the best FLOW for any room- his abstract colorful art on top of round canvases, and not just plain square ones.

The truth is… That FredHenry’s work is simply- ART.
It’s there, it’s connecting all of the elements in a room and creating this flowing vibe and connection to it all. It’s simply that one piece you need in your home.

You can see more of Fred Henry’s work if you visit his official website or follow him on social media:
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